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Jordanian Treasure

Tonight, while wrapping presents and thinking of home, the clock nearing Christmas Eve, I remembered a story a friend in Amman told me. 

A group of young people, in love with Jesus, living in the Jordan and longing to see the love of Jesus spill into the streets of their nation, were out looking for some lost treasure (similar to the shepherd looking for his one missing sheep, or the woman looking for her lost coin).  Earlier that day, before they left to hit the streets, they were talking to Jesus and He said for them to go to one certain jail and ask for a man named ‘Achmed’.

Hearing this was a little concerning because in the middle east it is illegal to ‘propagate’ Christianity, so, if this went ‘belly up’ they could easily be arrested or worse, deported.

But with confidence in Jesus they find themselves at this Jordanian jail that Jesus told them to go to. 

They arrive downstairs and a policeman asks, “Can I help you?”

They reply, “Yes, we’re looking for Achmed. Do you know him?”

The man says, “Yes, I am Achmed.”

They continued, “We’ve come here because we know your son is sick”

Achmed freaks out wondering how they know his son is sick and asks if they are from the Secret Police.

They answered, “We’re not the secret police.  We were praying before and that’s how we know your son is sick. We believe God wants to heal your son, can we pray for him?”

Achmed said, “OK. You pray. I give you a call tomorrow and if my son is healed then you are truly from God”

They agreed, prayed for Achmed’s son right there and gave him their phone number.

The next day they try and call him but there is no answer. They think, ‘oh well, whatever’.
Later that day Achmed calls them and says, “You are truly from God, my son is completely healed!”


The joy of absolute confidence in Him. The joy of loving Him. Trusting that He really does have it all under control and that it’s going to be OK. It’s better trusting Him because, hey, look where your own efforts have gotten you in the past.
It’s better loving Him.
Loving Him is all that matters.
Happy anywhere is he who loving God is his only priority.

Bless the Lord for His Gift to us! The Gift that the angels declared is “good news of joy for all people”, that He has made it possible for us to have unhindered intimacy with Him, for us to experience His deep affectionate love and to enjoy loving Him.

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